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3 September 2019

873 young medical specialists started working in medical institutions of Minsk Oblast

This year, 873 young specialists started working in healthcare facilities of Minsk Oblast: 323 doctors and 550 employees with secondary specialized medical education.

In addition, 307 interns were sent to the central region to replenish the staff of hospitals and clinics next year. Most of the young specialists appeared in the health resorts of the Minsk region (56 doctors and 66 nurses). Also in the top three are Borisov (101 specialists) and Soligorsk (81) districts.

There are regions that are fairly well-equipped, so the influx of young specialists here is small. For example, 3 doctors and 4 medical specialists went to the Kopyl district according to the distribution, 9 physicians came to work in Uzda and 3 graduates with higher education and 8 with secondary specialization arrived at Vileyka.

Most of all, young general practitioners arrived, about 90 of them, said Natalya Guchko, head of personnel and mobilization work of the main health department of the regional executive committee. “Anesthesiologists-resuscitators, obstetricians-gynecologists and pediatricians also prevail among graduates of this year - 30 young doctors in each of these specialties. Now the burden on doctors is great, specialists have to work at more than one rate, therefore young specialists are in demand, they are welcome everywhere, ”said Natalya Guchko.

The turnover of medical personnel in the Minsk region is at 9%, Natalya Guchko said. Doctors in the central region are about 6 thousand, of which 20% are pensioners. “We are trying to delay them, because these are experienced professionals who pass on the experience to the young. However, the situation is such that, at the expense of young specialists, we cannot make up for the need that we have. The metropolitan area today lacks about 500 health workers. " It is also worth noting that in the entire healthcare system of the country 85.2% of employees are women. Over the past 5 years, the number of medical specialists in the country has grown by 8.8%, and specialists with secondary specialized education - by 4.2%.

Natalya Guchko also spoke about social guarantees that are provided to young specialists: the payment of scholarships in the amount of a student, the allowance associated with moving, the provision of housing, and many others. In addition, there is an order in the healthcare organizations of the Minsk region, which obliges employers to establish incentive measures under the contract depending on the length of its conclusion. If a young specialist agrees to work in an institution for 5 years and concludes a contract for this period, the tariff rate will be increased by 50% as an incentive measure, if by 2 years - by 20%.

Housing for young professionals is provided by a rental, or hostel. However, if there is no such possibility in the region, then all collective agreements provide for reimbursement of rent for housing.

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