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2 September 2019

The first bell rang in schools. The governor of the region Anatoly Isachenko visited school № 14 in Molodechno

The regional governor Anatoly Isachenko shared these touching moments. He visited school number 14 in Molodechno. Anatoly Isachenko congratulated everyone on the new school year.

"Friends! Knowledge is the greatest wealth that a person can have. In our country, it is available to everyone. Get it and multiply. I wish you good health, hard work and success on a wide path of enlightenment! ”

As a gift, school №14 received a certificate for the purchase of a computer class, books and balls. Also, the chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee attended the first lesson in 1 “D” and from the President of the Republic of Belarus presented gifts to children - books “Belarus is Our Radzima”. Boys and girls immediately began to examine them. Tanya, a student of 1 “D” later, in a conversation with the journalist of the “Minsk Wave”, said that she came to school with pleasure, she really liked the gift from President Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko. And Tanya really liked her first teacher.

Our students have great opportunities for development. This was once again convinced by the example of secondary school No. 14 of Molodechno. The work of the students could not leave anyone indifferent: paintings from papier-mâché, works made in the steampunk style, decorative dolls.

As the director of the school, Kalina Kaputskaya, said, a chess center was opened in an educational institution this year, in which two teachers will teach children this thinking-developing game. Also, more than 200 children will be able to learn Chinese. A native speaker of Chinese, who has been teaching in schools in the Minsk region for the second year, will conduct a special elective.

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The governor of the region noted that in the modern conditions created in our educational institutions, everyone has the opportunity to choose their direction for studies, to choose who they will become in the future, however, we must first educate a person who will love his homeland.

As if in confirmation of the words of the governor, Kirill Ruda, a student of the 11th “B” class, a candidate for master of sports, a medalist of republican and regional swimming competitions, shared his plans for the future. The guy said that he wants to go to college, become a coach and return to his native school in order to teach the guys what he can do.

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