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3 October 2019

In Zhodino, it is planned to open a resource and educational center for computer science

On October 2, a partnership agreement was concluded between BSUIR and secondary school No. 8 of Zhodino. Thus, BSUIR provided the school with access to its electronic educational resources. This should be of interest to those applicants who want to connect their lives with IT: computer security, information protection, robotics and artificial intelligence.


By the way, last year, with the support of BSUIR, a computer class was opened in secondary school No. 8 with equipment that allows remote training.

- Now, thanks to the agreement, cooperation will continue and will reach a new level. Access to electronic educational resources, teaching materials developed by teachers of the faculty of computer design for school elective classes on the basics of information and communication technologies, including using distance learning, will be provided. The plans for the near future include connecting interested children from other Zhodino schools in order to create a city resource and educational center for computer science on the basis of a joint class of BSUIR and secondary school No. 8, ”the press service of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics said.

By the way, the first vice-rector of BSUIR Sergey Dik and the head of the department of designing information-computer systems Vitaly Khoroshko acted as the ideological inspirers of such a project. After all, they are both from Zhodzinо.

In the future, university teachers plan to conduct career counseling events and electives not only with students, but also with teachers. Excursions to the university for future applicants are also planned. In the coming days, they will organize an action "Become a BSUIR student for one day."


- This is a significant contribution to education. For many children, the project can become fatal, will help to study their favorite subject in depth, and in the future choose a profession and university. The IT sphere is of interest to many students. It is gratifying that now any undertakings of children associated with IT will be supported on a professional level, ”said Viktor Khoroshko, director of secondary school No. 8.

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