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Regional News

4 October 2019

Minsk Oblast and Chongqing continue cooperation. The first in Belarus restaurant of Chongqing cuisine opened in Minsk

The first Chongqing restaurant in our country was opened in Minsk in a festive atmosphere. The event was attended by representatives of the regional executive committee, as well as employees of the center for the popularization of culture and tourism of Chongqing in Belarus. Thus, the Chinese side acquaints Belarusians not only with their traditional art and traditions, but also with real Chongqing cuisine.


- The cooperation between China and Belarus is developing rapidly, and the capital region is not lagging behind. Although the agreements in the Minsk region were signed with three large provinces of the Celestial Empire, in recent years, the most active relations are being established with Chongqing. The main role in the development of relations between nations is the interaction of people. Therefore, the opening of this restaurant will contribute to the popularization of Belarusian-Chinese relations, ”said the deputy chairmen of the regional executive committee Nikolai Rogashchuk during the opening ceremony.

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