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Regional News

15 May 2020

“Museum Night” will be held in Nesvizh Castle

From May 16 to May 18 in the National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Nesvizh" will be held the international action "The Night of Museums", according to MLYN.BY.

The museum-reserve will present the program “More opportunities during restrictions” for this event.

In addition, new projects are being prepared. The main exhibition project at the moment is dedicated to the funerary culture of magnate courtyards. This is a joint work with the regional museum of the Lithuanian Kedainiai. The history of the Radziwills connects this city with Nesvizh. Part of the project is funded by the EU. Perhaps this exhibition will open in a room in which there were no exhibits, for example, in the palace chapel.

Also, museum employees plan to complete all ongoing restoration work this year.

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