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29 August 2019

Partnership dialogue: delegation of German parliamentarians visited Dzerzhinsk

A meeting of the leadership of our region, led by Nikolai Artyushkevich, with a representative parliamentary delegation of Germany under the leadership of the Deputy Chairman of the German-Belarusian Parliamentary Group of the Bundestag Oliver Kachmarek

During a business conversation, the parties discussed a number of issues regarding the development and potential of our region in various fields.

The Bundesteam, which, in addition to the German parliamentarians, included members of the regional representation of the fund named after F. Ebert in Kiev, visits Belarus with a study tour. Moreover, the German guests are interested not only in the situation in large cities of the country, but also in the development of the regions. Therefore, the meeting in Dzerzhinsk was held in the format of an open constructive dialogue, during which the topics of economic development of the Dzerzhinsky region, its investment potential, issues of local self-government, the state of affairs in the social sphere and the tourism industry were discussed. In addition, representatives of the Bundestag inquired from their Belarusian counterpart, deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Yuri Lobach, how the system of working with voters in the field was built and functioning.

During the almost one and a half hour meeting, the German parliamentarians received concrete answers to all questions and, for their part, suggested intensifying bilateral cooperation in various fields, primarily social. Deputy Chairman of the District Executive Committee Alexander Chagan and Director of the Dzerzhinsky Territorial Center for Social Services of the Population Viktoria Romanovich presented to the guests from Germany several projects related to the social rehabilitation of disabled people and the creation of an inclusive environment. Deputies of the Bundestag and representatives of the fund. F. Ebert expressed readiness to support these initiatives at least at the expert level.

In general, the conversation turned out to be substantive and took place in a friendly atmosphere. At the end of the meeting, the German guests even complained about the extreme tightness in the time of the visit - the story about our region interested them so much that they would like to get to know the life of the Dzerzhinsky region closer. Therefore, the head of the district executive committee, Nikolai Artyushkevich, invited members of the delegation to return to our region in the future to continue substantive dialogue in an informal manner and to establish bilateral cooperation in various areas of activity.

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