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Regional News

28 August 2019

The rating of regions of Minsk Oblast was made by Minsk Oblast executive committee. The leader is Smolevichi region

The criteria for assessing the regions were the average wage, the level of registered unemployment, migration growth or decrease, debt in revenue from sales of products, goods or services, etc.

“It is enough to see where people want to live, and where the population has been steadily declining over the course of several years to answer the question which regions are attractive to people and which are depressed,” said Tatyana Brantsevich, chairman of the committee on economics.

The five leaders were Smolevichi (1st place for 2016 - 2018 and 9th place for the first half of 2019), Dzerzhinsky (2/1), Minsk (3/3), Salihorsky (4/2) districts and the city of Zhodino (5 /five). According to the results of work for the first half of the year, the Dzerzhinsky and Salihorsky regions improved their position, the Minsk region and the city of Zhodino worked stably without changes. Smolevichi district fell by several positions in all respects.

In large areas of the region, such as Borisovsky, Molodechno and Soligorsk, plans for accelerated socio-economic development have been developed. Based on the analysis carried out by the committee of the economy, we can conclude that the Soligorsk region is developing at an accelerated pace.

- In the Salihorsky district, according to the results of the first half of 2019, there is a positive population migration and the highest salary, says Tatyana Brantsevich. - Borisovsky and Molodechno districts occupy the last places in the table on the migration movement of the population, having not the highest growth rates of real wages.

Nevertheless, the Borisov district slightly improved its rating position (12/10), and in terms of industrial production the region has an indicator higher than the regional average.

Molodechno district dropped in ranking from 10th to 17th. This is due to a decrease in the volume of construction and installation works and low indices of agricultural production and retail turnover.

The lowest rates are in Vileika, Krupsky, Slutsky, Kopylsky and Volozhinsky districts. At the same time, out of the indicated five, only the Krupsky district for the first half of 2019 did not improve its rating position.

For reference: The economic growth of the Minsk region in the first half of 2019 was provided at the level of 105.3% (against the forecast of 102.3%). For 7 months - 105.8%. All sectors of the economy have made a positive contribution to the formation of gross regional product.

For the third year in a row, positive dynamics has been observed in foreign economic activity in the Minsk region. The annual increase in revenue from export of goods is about 15%, from export of services - from 22% to 29%.

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