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6 September 2019

А.Lukashenko inaugurates Western Bypass Road in Brest

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has taken part in a solemn ceremony to commission the Western Bypass Road in Brest, BelTA has learned.

The symbolic ribbon was cut by Aleksandr Lukashenko, Brest Oblast Governor Anatoly Lis, Brest Mayor Aleksandr Rogachuk and Director General of Construction Trust No. 8 Pavel Satsuta. Taking part in the inauguration ceremony were representatives of the road construction organizations that took part in the Western Bypass Road project.

“This is more than a road. This is about health of Brest residents. We have removed huge traffic flows from the city and redirected them to the bypass road. You have not just fulfilled the instruction, you have stayed true to your word – you have built an overpass linking the shores of the Mukhavets River, the Varshavski Most and Kozlovichi border crossings,” the president said.

He emphasized that this unique facility was commissioned two months ahead of schedule. “Great job! It means that you can do it. The decision to build this facility was right and relevant. To be honest, we should have built it earlier. Brest is a near-border transit city; its railway junction is one of the links of the new Silk Road,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state highlighted the importance of international cargo transit for Belarus. “Brest has always been and will be a transit city, but this should not affect local residents. You have made a great gift not only for yourself, but also for your fellow citizens,” he said.

The president is convinced that the Western Bypass Road will not only reduce traffic in the city center and help prevent traffic jams, but will also become an important tool to promote economy and tourism of the region and the entire country. He noted that the bypass road was designed and built by Brest-based specialists. This means that the country has the necessary expertise and knowledge and that services of Belarusian construction workers are in demand in the country and abroad, including in Ukraine. “The implementation of the project became a good example of efficient use of time and resources, good communication between the government and the public. It is good that you took care of all kinds of needs,” the head of state said.

“You have built a world-class infrastructure facility within the shortest period of time and thus made the life of local residents more comfortable. You have made a practical contribution to the development of Belarus, the country where we and our children live,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. In his words, the bypass became a good gift for the city's millennial anniversary. “Thanks to your work and determination to make your native city more beautiful, comfortable and modern, you have written the history of its second millennium,” the Belarusian leader emphasized.

Aleksandr Lukashenko wished all Brest residents prosperity and wellbeing. The president also called for striving for more: “There is still a lot of work ahead. We have coped with the biggest chunk of work. Now we need to do the rest little by little. You can involve school and university students and also join the work. You still need to make improvements to the city.” Another task is to create new jobs and income generation opportunities.
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