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11 July 2012

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry: Clear goal setting is needed for success of Arms Trade Treaty

MINSK, 11 July (BelTA) – The successful finalization of the Arms Trade Treaty will greatly depend on clear definition of its goals and objectives, said the Belarusian delegation at the UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty in New York, BelTA learnt from the press service of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry. “These goals should be aimed to address the most pressing problems related to transfer of conventional arms and affecting the interests of all the UN member states. They include prevention of diversion of conventional arms from legal into illegal markets, prevention and eradication of illegal trade in conventional arms as well as illicit production and mediation of arms trade,” the Belarusian delegation said. Vladimir Gerasimovich, Head of the Department of International Security and Disarmament of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry noted, “Uncontrolled dissemination of conventional arms poses a serious threat to peace and security and can have a disastrous impact on individual countries and entire regions, as it contributes to fomentation and prolongation of armed conflicts, a rise in organized crime and international terrorism”. He emphasized that the negotiating process on the Arms Trade Treaty should become an additional catalyst for consolidation of international effort to resolve topical issues related to uncontrolled and illegal dissemination of conventional weapons. “This necessitates ability and readiness for compromise, patience and a good will of all the UN member states,” Vladimir Gerasimovich said.

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