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2 December 2012

Mogilev named Belarus Capital of Culture 2013

NESVIZH, 22 December (BelTA) – Mogilev has been named Belarus Capital of Culture in 2013. Nesvizh hosted a switchover ceremony on 21 December, BelTA has learnt. Deputy Culture Minister of Belarus Tadeush Struzhetsky noted that Mogilev had been selected a capital of culture through competition: “Five cities from different regions of Belarus competed for the title. The jury were unanimous that Mogilev had the most interesting cultural potential.” “Mogilev has a big experience in conducting large-scale cultural events, which include the international music festivals Golden Hit and Magutny Bozha, the international youth theater forum Mart-Kontakt, the international children’s creativity festival Golden Bee and the Wreath of Friendship folk festival,” Tadeush Struzhetsky said. Chairman of the Mogilev Council of Deputies Fyodor Mikheyenko said: “Mogilev residents and the local authorities are proud for their city being chosen the Capital of Culture. We realize all the responsibility our city has in this position and will do our best to enrich and diversify the cultural life of our country.” Belarus Capital of Culture campaign took its start in the country in 2010. Its major objective is to make the best achievements of the national culture more available, promote the activity of the regional cultural establishments and local authorities, attract domestic and foreign tourists. Polotsk was the first to receive the Capital of Culture title in Belarus. Gomel was named the Capital of Culture in 2011. Nesvizh was Belarus Capital of Culture in 2012. Mogilev was also named the CIS Capital of Culture in 2013. The relevant decision was taken at the meeting of the CIS Heads of State Council in Ashgabat. There was decided to implement the CIS Capitals of Culture program in Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Belarus. Respectively the cities of Gabala, Gyumri, and Mogilev were declared the capitals of culture in the Commonwealth of Independent States. The program is designed to be an effective instrument for interstate interaction in cultural affairs. It will contribute to creating a favorable climate for economic and political cooperation as well as humanitarian, social, economic, and infrastructural development and promotion of individual territories and cities, the enhancement of the CIS status in the international scene.

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